Out-of-State Adoptions

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Our dogs are generally fostered in the south, BUT we have a very successful adoption and transport system that allows us to send them to wonderful adoptive homes in the northeast (including Canada) and other regions of the U.S.

Why? Unfortunately, the south is grossly overpopulated with unwanted pets and has poor participation when it comes to both spay/neuter and adoption. So, we are always grateful to our northeastern adopters.

Our process for matching dogs to homes is as follows:

1) Complete our quick, online application to tell us about you/your home: http://bit.ly/DH-Adopt

2) Application is forwarded to dog's caretaker to see if the pup would make a good fit for your home. S/he will follow-up with you to discuss further.

3) If after talking, you both decide it's a match, you could arrange a time for the dog to travel to you.

There is $350 adoption fee to cover the transport fee and reimburse the cost of this pet’s basic vetting to include spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm/flea prevention, etc. Note: Some dogs have been waiting for a long time and have a discounted fee of $225.

Our transporter travels to the northeast weekly to deliver great pets to their adoptive homes. If there is ever a dog that isn't a great match, s/he would be able to travel back on the next transport.

We would love to place a very deserving southern dog in your home - we genuinely need dog-hearted folks like you to save the many in need here!