Where dog meets companion.

Who we are.

Doggie Harmony is a non-profit (501c3), GA-licensed rescue group focused on matching right people to right dogs in Atlanta. Available dogs are found by Good Samaritans, come from 'death row' of animal control, or are with owners who seek to rehome. We also sponsor spay/neuter, wellness, training and boarding to keep or place dogs in happy homes.

Georgia Pet Over-Population

The southern region of the U.S. has the highest incidence of unwanted pets in the country. Shelters supported by county governments are so over-populated that they have to put animals to sleep as often as weekly to make room for new arrivals. Through our relationships with northeast rescue groups who list our dogs for adoption/foster in their region, we have successfully sent thousands of dogs to forever homes.

100% Foster Based

Doggie Harmony is a small, foster-based organization; we do NOT have a shelter and run entirely on volunteer efforts. Unfortunately, this means we can't often intake urgent dogs in need. For those willing to house/foster dogs, we are happy to help you safely rehome your pooch in need. We just ask you to complete our Dog Information Profile, so we receive all necessary details in one email.

How we started.

Doggie Harmony was founded in 2009 by Jamie Sprague and Liz Mansour, two neighbors who teamed up to place neighborhood strays.

Upon acquiring 501c3 status for purposes of fundraising, we were able to expand efforts into other greater Atlanta communities.

Jamie continues to oversee Doggie Harmony, while Liz focuses on building and managing alliances with northeast rescue organizations.

Help save more lives.

Doggie Harmony is officially recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization – your donations are tax deductible. If you have donated in someone's memory or toward a particular dog, please email donate@doggieharmony.org with details.