Meet Michelle

We know that children succeed in education when families and communities are engaged and welcomed in their local schools. As your TDSB Ward 16 Trustee (Beaches-East York) my goal is to foster local community engagement while providing sound governance for education programs, so that our children have the best chance to succeed.

But first, let me tell you about myself.

I am a parent of three children aged 5-15 years, a Scientist, Writer, an avid Community Volunteer, and education advocate. My love of learning lead me to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and a career in Neuroscience research, teaching, and consulting. I have been awarded national research grants and served as the Regulatory and Safety Officer and Facilities Director at the University of Toronto Scarborough. I have over 2 decades experience in research and teaching and worked with National agencies to develop best practice policies and protocols for training and education in research and medicine.

Over the last decade I have advocated for better education standards and worked to support our community. I enjoy connecting with people and helping them find the resources they need. To this end I am currently working with community agencies like the Neighbourhood Group and Action for Neighbourhood Change to promote youth wellness initiatives. I am the Co-Chair of the TDSB Community Use of Schools Advisory Committee. I have also joined the Special Education, Inner Cities, and French as a Second Language Advisory Committees.

My focus is on reform from within the TDSB to provide an education system that serves the need of every student, a School Board that is transparent and accountable, to improve communication, and foster trusting and collaborative relationships within our school communities.

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Trustee Michelle Aarts

Ward 16, Beaches-East York

5050 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON. M2N 5N8

Tel: 416-395-8787

Michelle Aarts, Ph.D.

TDSB Ward 16 Trustee (Beaches-East York)