Welcome to the DLSU Care Desk.

The DLSU Care Desk is a virtual hub that consolidates existing services and programs responding to the needs of the members of the Lasallian community particularly those struggling with the demands and effects of the pandemic.

This is a joint project of the Lasallian Center for Inclusion, Diversity and Well-being in collaboration with the *units under OVPLM, Lasallian Mission Office at Laguna Campus, Health Services Office, Integrated School Guidance and Counseling Unit and the University Student Government.

As we work towards creating a culture of care in the University, the DLSU Care Desk serves as a resource of information and a space for support for those who need it most.

This is still a work-in-progress. We hope for your understanding as we continue to develop new initiatives for our community.

* Office of Student Affairs, Lasallian Pastoral Office, Office of Counseling and Career Services, Lasallian SHINE Project


We care about your medical needs. Due to the limitations of face-to-face consultations, DLSU is providing telemedicine services.

We care about your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. DLSU provides a safe space where you can share your mental health concerns.

We care about your spiritual needs. As a Lasallian community, we come together in prayer for healing, hope and gratitude.

DLSU aims to develop programs and services for all members of the community.


Move forward together.

De La Salle University values the health and well-being of each member of the Lasallian community especially in these trying times. The DLSU vaccination program is a step to move forward together as we remain committed to providing quality Lasallian education.

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If you have any concerns and questions, please send an inquiry through this form.