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Reside peacefully in the DLF City Independent Floors

Starting a job at a new place and are unaware of a place to live? It happens to almost every person who leaves their hometown to start a new life in an unknown city and with strangers. All of this could be very hectic including the work pressure of the new job. At the end of the day, every employee wants to go home and relax. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own home rather than any other place?

This write-up is for the employees who have moved out of their homes and are looking for a new place in Gurgaon. And nothing is better than having one of the DLF city independent floors to yourself that will give you the utmost comfort. So, let us begin and get to know more about these independent floors more deeply.

Why DLF Independent Floors?

You must be thinking what is so good about these floors and why you should go with them? If you want to get the answers to this, then read this section thoroughly:

Good Neighborhood with Park

If you are getting bored in your apartment and the weather outside is good, then you can take a walk in the neighborhood park. Walking sometimes proves to be a good stress reliever. There is also a chance that you might meet some new people and make some new friends.

Hospitality and other services

There are many services offered near the DLF City independent floors. The services such as Cyber City and Cyber hub for roaming around and chilling with friends. Also if you get sick a hospital is nearby. So there would be no need to worry about finding the hospital when you get sick.

Elegant Services

The scenery from your DLF apartment will have the most beautiful scenery that will provide you with a sense of calmness at times of stress. It also provides you with an elegant and sophisticated flat.


If there is a random travel plan with your friends then you will not have to worry and leave early to reach the Airport. Because the Airport is just 14 km away. Hence, you can leave at the usual time.

Builder’s Commitment

On-time Delivery

Your DLF exclusive floors will be delivered to you at the time you have asked them to. The floor would be provided after it has been fixed thoroughly if any of the damages were spotted.

Elegant Designs

The floors have the most contemporary and elegant designs that will surely give you a rich look. You can check out the images of the floor designs with this link https://www.DLF.in/homes/premium/gardencityenclave/independent-floors/.

Customer Support

If while residing, you incur any issues then you can contact the management staff and ask them to assist as soon as possible. They will try to resolve your issue as soon as they can.

Top-notch Quality

There is no doubt that the quality of the floor given to you would be best to ensure you face no issues. Also, security would never be an issue here as it offers the best services that you could ever ask for.

Where are the DLF luxury floors located?

DLF has its floors all around Gurgaon which makes it easy for the employees to select their location that would be nearby to their office. But the thing can be assured that all of the services that are stated in the above sections of the articles will be the same. The locations of DLF City Independent Floors are ‘DLF Alameda (Sector 73, SPR Road, Gurugram), Phase 2, Phase 3, and many others. Some other projects are also going on and you can also have a look at them by visiting the link https://www.DLF.in/homes/ if you want to.

 Other Services offered in your DLF City Independent Floors

Wrapping It Up

The DLF floors Gurgaon has all the services that you could ever ask for. It fulfills all the requirements and needs of a person. After having a look at their independent floors you will be sure to purchase one of the DLF City independent floors for yourself. One thing is guaranteed you will not regret this decision. After residing here for some time you will be sure that you have made the right decision. Review their upcoming or under-process projects via the link https://www.DLF.in/

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of one Independent Floor?

One independent floor will cost you around Rs 3.4 – 5.4 Cr, depending upon the choice of floor and its respective locality. This is the average price of almost every DLF-independent floor.

How many BHKs are offered?

The full DLF Independent floor consists of around 4BHK. It is enough to fit a big family without having to compromise for your own space.

Where are DLF independent floors located?

The flats are situated around Gurgaon to give more accessibility to the users. The locations are as follows:

What is the Average DLF City Independent Floor Area?

The offered flat has an average plot area of 400-450 SQYD. You can get the price quotes by contacting the dealer directly or visiting the official website and asking for the quotations. They will provide you with a full brochure explaining every single thing in complete detail with a single quotation. Then you can also visit the place and check out the area by yourself and all the amenities offered by them.