DJ JP Entertainment

About DJ JP

Over the past 10+ years, DJ JP has spent numerous hours playing in front of a wide-range of audiences. From large scale venues opening up for artists to weddings and school functions, DJ JP takes pride in bringing the party to life with music. DJ JP provides live music for your live audience. No preprogrammed sets or playlists, no pushing buttons to use crazy effects for no reason, and no elaborate costumes or advertising packages to make you believe that we provide anything other than the best that you should get for your hard-earned money. I spent the first couple of years DJing in Downtown Peoria and Bloomington, where I picked up the art of turntablism and music video mixing that I now bring to any party that I DJ. Whether it is a birthday party, high school prom, or a wedding, I do what a DJ is supposed to do, mix music for a crowd. I provide only the highest quality QSC sound system for my gigs and when you book with DJ JP Entertainment, DJ JP is the person that you will get (barring an act of God, knock on wood). If you think about it, you are trusting a complete stranger with the success of your evening. Wouldn't you rather have someone who invests their time into making your night a success instead of someone who just knows you will call back because they have you believing that they are your only option?

(Update - April 2021)

  • Now that the state has advanced their reopening phases, booking is well underway. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to submit a request for more information or visit the Services Provided section of the website.