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Spending Time in the LMC

Hours: 8:05-4:45


  • Before School: The LMC is open for quiet activities until 8:30.

  • During the School Day: Students may visit the LMC with a pass from their teacher.

  • At Lunch: Students may spend recess in the LMC unless there is a posted closure.

  • After school: The LMC is open for quiet activities until 4:45.

Borrowing Books


  • Books are checked out for two weeks at a time.

  • Books may be renewed if no one else has placed the book on hold.

  • Return books using the slot at the library entrance or at the circulation desk.

  • If a book is lost or seriously damaged, please speak with Mrs. Holmer or Mrs. Cruz.

Student Self-Selection Philosophy

The Maple Library's collection covers a wide range of texts to address the needs and interests of our diverse population of readers. We encourage readers to select titles that are academically and personally appropriate, and to share book selections with family members.

Mindset Book Collection for Staff & Students

  • Mindfulness, growth mindset, mental health

  • Book blurbs and highlighted pages for quick reference

  • Classroom application ideas

  • Foundational skills to help all learners move forward this school year


  • Select a book bag based on a few "plot peeks" rather than the cover

  • Find a book connected to your reading interests rather than a visual first impression

Book Bundles

  • Having a difficult time finding a "just right" book? Narrow the search with a book bundle!

  • Each bundle shares a common topic or feature. Here are a few of our bundles:

    • Silly stories

    • Animal stories

    • Spooky stories

    • Quick reads

    • Sports stories

    • Plot twists

    • Twisted fairy tales

In the library, we expect all patrons to engage with resources and each other respectfully:

  • Following all safety measures including social distancing.

  • Using library furniture appropriately.

  • After using games, puzzles, or other supplies, cleaning up.


  • No food or drinks in the LMC.

  • Use library resources to learn, grow, and stretch your thinking!

  • Use your time in the library productively.

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Contact Us

Mrs. Jamie Holmer, Library Media Specialist: jholmer@district30.org

Mrs. Phoebe Cruz, Library Assistant: pcruz@district30.org

Phone: 847-400-8949