1:1 Chromebooks at PG46

During the Spring of 2017 Prairie Grove CSD46 rolled out our first "1:1 Chromebook Pilot program" in the 6th Grade (Class of 2019). After this successful Pilot program the District expanded the 1:1 program to include the next incoming 6th Grade class (Class of 2020) during Fall 2017. This was followed by further expansion to all students in grades 4 through 8 during the Fall of 2018. In addition, Junior High (6-8) students are offered the option to bring their device home.

Each student (Grades 4-8) receives a Google Chromebook as his or her primary computing device for use throughout the school day. Equitable access allows our teachers to create activities that could leverage the power of Internet tools and resources in daily instruction. Our teachers are providing students with opportunities to learn how to appropriately use the web while also building positive work habits when working with technology such as managing distractions, communication skills, and digital citizenship. There has been (and continues to be) a great focus on responsible use, respecting others in online settings just as in face-to-face relationships, and becoming more educated and aware while online.

When every student has a device, it changes the way in which teachers and students think about resources. One of the biggest advantages of digital platforms is the ability for teachers to give and receive real time feedback around student performance providing the ability to adapt and meet the needs of individual students.

(Sources: Dist46 / MaineD207)