1:1 Chromebooks at PG46

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic response some of the guidelines and policies regarding 1:1 Chromebooks at PG46 may be amended or adjusted to address the rapidly changing needs of our students and staff.  Please refer to ongoing communication from the District for the most up-to-date information.


Prairie Grove 46 believes in a balanced approach to Technology. 1:1 devices are merely a tool that can be harnessed by our talented educators to reach beyond the limits of the traditional classroom. Non-digital learning tools are equally important and encouraged in PG46 classrooms. (For research and information regarding "screen time" please click this link)

1:1 devices allow for equity. Equitable technology access allows our teachers to create activities that can leverage the power of web-based tools and resources in daily instruction. Our teachers are able to provide students with opportunities to learn how to appropriately use the web while also building positive work habits when working with technology such as managing distractions, communication skills, and digital citizenship. There has been (and continues to be) a great focus on responsible use, respecting others in online settings just as in face-to-face relationships, and becoming more educated and aware while online.

When every student has a device, it changes the way in which teachers and students think about resources. One of the biggest advantages of digital platforms is the ability for teachers to give and receive real time feedback around student performance providing the ability to adapt and meet the needs of individual students.


Prairie Grove CSD46 provides a 1:1 Chromebook device to ALL students in grades K-8 for their use during the School Day. PG46 uses three different deployment models based on grade level:

  • PRIMARY Grades K/1/2:

Chromebooks are deployed as a "Classroom Set" to each classroom teacher (cart optional). This model provides teachers with greater physical control of the devices when working with primary students. Devices remain on campus at all times.

  • INTERMEDIATE Grades 3/4/5:

Each student receives a new Chromebook entering Grade 3. Chromebooks are individually labeled and deployed to each student personally. The Chromebook will remain with the student throughout his/her intermediate grade level progression (grades 3, 4, and 5). This model provides students with a greater sense of ownership of the device. Devices remain on campus at all times.

  • JUNIOR HIGH Grades 6/7/8:

Each student receives a new Chromebook entering Grade 6. Chromebooks are individually labeled and deployed to each student including a custom PG "always-on" Chromebook case. The Chromebook will remain with the student throughout his/her junior high grade level progression (grades 6, 7, and 8). Junior High students/families are provided the option to bring the device home daily. This model provides even greater autonomy and sense of ownership for the student and also provides a preview of the deployment model used at the High School level.

Students in grades 6 & 7 retain their devices over the summer months. Prior to graduation, devices deployed to students in grade 8 are collected and retained by the District for parts/spares. Graduates do NOT keep their device. D155 (Prairie Ridge HS) currently provides a new Chromebook for all incoming 9th grade students.


During the Spring of 2017 Prairie Grove rolled out our first "1:1 Chromebook Pilot program" at the 6th Grade (Class of 2019) level. After this successful Pilot program the District expanded the 1:1 program to include the next incoming 6th Grade class (Class of 2020) during Fall 2017. This was followed by further expansion to all students in grades K through 8 during the Fall of 2018. In addition, Junior High (6-8) students are currently offered the option to bring their device home.

(Source: Prairie Grove D46 / Maine D207)