Parent Teacher Organization


The role of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is to bring parents and teachers of both Grant and Illini together and provide the students with events that will both encourage learning and fun both inside and outside of the classroom.


The PTO works with Grant Middle School and Illini Elementary School to support school functions such as holiday parties, after school events, fundraisers and also awards mini-grants used in aiding in classroom education.

Holiday Parties (Fall Festival, Evening with Santa, Field Day, etc) are put together by the PTO with the assistance of volunteers

PTO holds Fundraisers throughout the year in order to help raise money to assist with funding the events listed. (Chuck E Cheese night, Papa John’s Night, DQ Family Night, etc.)


PTO is always looking for volunteers to assist with events throughout the school year. There are several ways to volunteer for the PTO. Opportunities range from donating items, leading a planned activity, acting as “Head Parent” during school parties, set up or take down for afterschool parties. Parents are encouraged to take part in at least one activity per year. If you’re interested please reach out to a PTO member for more information and list of events.


PTO September Calander

Veronica Berger


Contact info:, 618-581-6890 (call or text)

I am the mom of a 2nd grader. Originally born and raised in Sugar Land, TX. I celebrate my bday in December on the 17th. My hobbies include reading, crocheting, rollerblading, and anything related to the outdoors. Although, I am a full time single working mom, I dedicate most of my free time to my son.

Christina Essington

Vice President

Contact Info:, 618-407-7508

I am a mom of 3 children, Eva (2nd grade), Camden (Kindergarten), and Gabby (Pre-K). I work full time as an LCMS scientist for a laboratory in St. Louis, MO. Autumn is my favorite season and I love spending it outdoors whether it’s hiking or sitting around a camp fire. The reason I decided to join the PTO committee was because I believe being actively involved in our children’s school and education sends a powerful message to them especially at such a young age. At their age they still think we’re fun to hang out with and it’s better to take advantage of that now while we still can.

Kim Helms

Treasurer/PTO Cheerleader

Contact info:, 314-744-1219

I am a mom to a first grader and a fifth grader. Although they keep me pretty busy I currently work full-time at Regions Bank as a BSL. When I'm not at Regions I am also the treasure of the PTO and the commissioner of the Fairview Heights Khoury league. If you ask anybody I am the one person that has a hard time saying no in most situations. If there is something I can do to help someone out or if there's something I have that I can give it to someone to help them out my answer is always yes. Ultimately my end goal is for my boys to know that even though life gets busy and Mom has many jobs on her plate they are my number one!

Janelle Poenitske


Contact info: ryanandsarahsmom@, 618-398-6448

I am a wife and the mom to sixth grader and a second grader. Ryan is an active student at Grant, and I look forward to a year of Soccer games, Chess matches and Track meets. Sarah, my second grader is a dancer and has class once a week. I work full time at First Baptist Church Fairview Heights-CDC. My job duties include transporting Grant and Illini student to and from school. On Saturday mornings I work at Wendy's doing fresh prep and maintaining the dining room. Though I stay busy, I am the PTO secretary. I will do anything and everything I can to help someone out. Just ask and the answer is always yes. Even though life gets a little crazy, I want my family to know they are my top priority.


Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged throughout the school year. We understand that everyone’s schedules can be hectic at times however there are other ways to contribute. Donating to the PTO will assist with funding school parties and events held at Grant and Illini.

As some of you know, we have limited the amount of fundraisers held to save parents the added work of asking friends and family to donate to ‘another fundraiser’. By making donations to DISTRICT 110 PTO not only will all proceeds go directly towards the school PTO you will also be assisting with funding these great events for our kids to enjoy!