Mrs. Freeman

Welcome to "Poetry and Creative Writing" at
Dillard Academy Charter School!

This poetry and creative writing "special" is created with the scholar in mind. Allowing them to learn how to express feelings, thoughts and emotions in a positive, creative manner. Our class also allows students who wants to learn how to appreciate art forms of all kinds even more.

This course is thorough in teaching all students everything they need to know about reading, interpreting, and writing poetry.

Class Objectives

  • Through various assignments , each student will learn to do the following: Determine and understand the meanings of poems.

  • Recognize and utilize the devices used in writing poetry.

  • Understand the theory and history of poetry to strengthen their skills and appreciation.

  • Write different types of poetry.

Hello parents and students! I am Mrs. Freeman and have been an Instructional Assistant at Dillard Academy for a long time. I enjoy working with the students and staff and teaching poetry and other forms of creative writing.

Pictured above from L to R: 3rd grade student with a picture she drew to illustrate her poem. Officer Marissa Davis of the Goldsboro Police Department stopped by and wrote a poem and read it to the class. Sixth grade student reads a story to her classmates.