3rd Grade

ELA/Social Studies Class

"Color the World



Hello, I am Mrs. Boykin. I attended Fayetteville State University. I've been teaching for 30 plus years. I'm very excited to be your teacher this year. I am very happy to welcome Mrs. Spears to our three grade class.

You will be able to contact me via email at

Please call the school contact number or send me an email to schedule conferences or to voice any concerns.

3rd Nine 9 weeks

This nine weeks in ELA we will focus on the following standards: Making Connections, Asking and Answering Questions, Main Idea and Key Details, Time and Sequence, Cause and Effect, Describing Characters and Recounting stories

This nine weeks in Social Studies we will focus on the following standards: 3.H.1.1 Explain key historical events that occurred in the local community and regions over time. Historical events can have effects on the local community or regions over time. • Past events may cause communities and regions to undergo political, economic, or social change. The difference between a community and a region (e.g., a community is a local area, a region contains a number of communities) • Examples of historical events and their impacts on communities and regions

  • Our country this 9weeks is the Philippines


January 23-Feb. 3 iReady Diagnostic #2

Don't Forget to READ!!