Welcome to The DigitalSkyline, where the ethereal and the digital converge in a harmonious dance of divination and enlightenment. IAMprodigi, your celestial navigator on this journey into the mysteries of the cosmos. Here, you'll find our payment gateway to tarot readings designed to illuminate your path, and a curated collection of candles, witchy essentials, and mystical tools to elevate your spiritual practice. Keep an eye out for our upcoming app that promises to be your pocket portal to the divine.


showtimes vary (usually 10pm eastern 'till whenever)


Embark on a concise but transformative journey with our 3-Card Mini-Reading. Perfect for those on-the-go or new to the world of divination, this condensed insight offers a glimpse into your immediate energies and challenges. It's like a spiritual espresso, invigorating your intuitive senses.

Suggested Donation: $7.77

(approximately 5-10 minute reading)


Dive into your cosmic blueprint with our Full 6-Tarot card, Law of Attraction Spread + Multiple Clarifiers from Various Oracle Decks included in our most popular spread. This comprehensive offering explores multiple facets of your life, unraveling complex patterns and presenting potential paths ahead. It's your spiritual deep dive, illuminating mysteries that lie within and around you.

Suggested Donation: $33.33

(approximately a half hour reading)


Seeking focus in specific life areas? Our specialized Love, Career, and Financial Readings offer tailored insights to guide you through the labyrinth of human experiences. Whether it's matters of the heart, professional aspirations, or financial wellness, this focused reading brings clarity to your queries.

Suggested Donation:

(approximately a 15-20 minute reading)


Need immediate divine guidance? Opt for our Priority Reading to bypass the queue of free and gifted readings. This fast-pass service ensures your inquiries are addressed posthaste, providing you with the celestial insights you seek when time is of the essence.

(subject to availability)

Suggested Donation: Galaxy: 1000 coins
(or equivalent)


Unlock the mystic answers to your pressing YES/NO/(or Maybe) questions with a Spirit Gifted Reading. Perfect for those moments when you seek quick yet intuitive guidance, this reading utilizes the dichotomy of tarot to offer binary positive/negative/ sometime neutral energy responses. Send your TikTok gifts, and receive a succinct, and illuminating reply.

Suggested Donation: Superpower: 299 coins
(or equivalent)



Experience the intimacy of a Personalized Reading delivered straight to your inbox. Crafted just for you, this reading offers a comprehensive analysis of your unique energetic imprint. It's your spiritual roadmap, sent to you in a beautifully presented digital format for contemplation at your leisure.

Suggested Donation: $44.44


Step into the sacred circle with IAMprodigi for an intimate, one-on-one connection via a Private Live Session over Zoom. This immersive experience allows real-time interaction, nuanced interpretations, and personalized guidance. It's your exclusive spiritual dialogue, a conduit for direct cosmic wisdom.

(subject to availability)
Suggested Donation: $77.77

The Celestial Symphony - A Multidimensional Spiritual Experience

Dive into the quintessence of esoteric wisdom with The Celestial Symphony. This premium offering combines A Full Tarot Reading with the added depth of various confirmations from oracle cards and the richness of both textual and video interpretations. 

This exclusive, high-tier service is the magnum opus of divination, weaving together our Full Reading, astrological aspects, elemental energies, and chakra insights. 

Your tailored experience includes not just the full text and video interpretation of your reading but also personalized affirmations, recommendations for channeling specific angels, and curated crystal suggestions for healing and alignment. 

As an added layer of spiritual enrichment, you'll also receive recommended sound frequencies to meditate with, helping you resonate with the cosmic vibrations of the Universe. 

It is our most expensive offering for a reason— It's a labor of love, our most holistic and expansive service, meticulously crafted for those Seekers who yearn for a full spectrum of spiritual wisdom. The considerable time, care, and divine energy invested in creating this experience make it a unique, priceless journey into your soul's depths.

May this grand symphony of esoteric knowledge empower you to embody your highest potential and deepest wisdom. 

Minimum Donation: $222.22

Ask us how you can immortalize your personalized 'The Celestial Symphony' reading in a hardcover book. This timeless keepsake, printed and delivered to your doorstep, is designed to endure the test of time as a cherished treasure. (starting at $111.11 + shipping)

"Blessed be, with love, light, and abundant blessings from Spirit." - IAMprodigi




Disclaimer: The readings and products offered on digitalskyline.com are for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended to replace professional advice or treatment for medical, psychological, legal, or financial issues. IAMprodigi and The DigitalSkyline disclaim any liability for any actions or decisions taken based on the insights provided.  

As always, trust YOUR intuition and listen to YOUR spirit guides. 

The Fool's Journey is wrought with many pitfalls, always look before you leap.

With Love, Light, and Joy, Be Blessed!