Social Media Marketing Micro-credentials from Facebook

Social media marketing is a key component of today's digital marketing skill set.

Knowing how to create, manage and monitor an organization's/business' social media presence and advertising is more and more important in today's digital world. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and large corporations alike use social media to create brand awareness, build relationships with their community and customers, and sell their products and services directly to customers. Earn the Social Media Marketing Micro-credentials from Facebook and let employers know you have these important digital skills!


  • Create a Facebook page that helps an organization/business build its market presence.
  • Use Facebook and Instagram to engage and build relationships with customers
  • Create an effective ad campaign that meets an organization's/business' marketing objectives
  • Track and analyze the effectiveness of ad engagement

Social Media Marketing

Interested in building your organization/business? Social media can help you connect with your customers and grow your organization/business. Learn the basics - plus how to create a Facebook Page to reach existing and potential customers.

Marketing with Facebook Pages

Get the word out! Learn to use your Facebook Page to build awareness of your organization/business and connect with your audience. Keep customers updated and informed on your latest company events, announcements, and products.

Marketing with Facebook Ads

Create a compelling and targeted experience! Advertising with Facebook is an influential way to reach your audience. Learn how to create a simply ad campaign for your organization that is in line with your specific organization/business goals.

Marketing with Instagram

With 1 million people on Instagram, it's a perfect complement to your Facebook Page. Learn how to use this popular photo-sharing platform to market and advertise your organization/business and create an authentic experience for your target customers.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Gower on Unsplash.