Pack Your Practice

I spent an amazing year living and traveling abroad, while seeing my therapy clients via online/video therapy.

You can do this too.

What is Pack Your Practice?

Pack Your Practice provides training and continuing education for experienced therapists

who want to maintain a private psychotherapy practice while traveling

A carefully planned online private practice is legal, ethical, effective and HIPAA-compliant

I will guide you through setting up your online practice

So that you can start moving through the experiences on your bucket list


Hi! I'm Megan Barnes Zesati and I'm an LCSW-Supervisor from Austin, TX. After 10 years of building a very rooted and stable private practice in Austin, I packed my practice to take an amazing sabbatical year abroad with my family. While based in Costa Rica, we also slow-travelled in Nicaragua, Mexico, Cambodia and Thailand during our year abroad. It was an unbelievable year.

To learn more about my personal experiences in packing my practice and how it revitalized my personal and professional life:

Online Counselling Podcast Interview:

Medium Blog:

I want to share everything that I researched and learned about setting up an online practice with anyone who is curious about how to make it happen.