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Do You Know Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Pages?

Google has confirmed that it will not index the page or the content of your website if it requires cookies for viewing the content. John Mueller said in its Tweet that Google almost certainly cannot index a page that requires cookies. He said that you need to make sure to “remove the dependency” on cookies …

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Single Page Website Design: Tricks and Tips for a Perfect UX

Some website projects like portfolio pages, product sites, and sometimes company pages too, work better with single page designs. Portfolio Pages are the one where you portray who you are, what you do, etc. Product sites are the ones where you can buy or see information about a product whereas company...

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9 Reasons To Know Why Visitors Ignore Your Website

As a blogger, you do everything on your website (like Implementing latest UI/UX design, writing great content, Product videos etc.) to generate high traffic. But, in spite of all this, if you are unable to achieve the goal, it demotivates you, and you wonder why it has happened? Apart from publishing quality content …

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Our Partnership with Google

Since 2008 over 3 million people have used our website knowledge-base. Working with Google we've helped steer development of Google Sites and you can be sure when you use us you get the latest tools, scripts and techniques to give you the best Google Sites web experience. We are your Google Website Designers!

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