Riccardo Lazzeretti

Assistant Professor (RTD-B),

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


Sapienza University of Rome

Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti

Via Ariosto, 25 - 00185, Rome, Italy

Room B116

For Students

It is a pleasure for me to supervise MSc and PhD students interested to work with me in cybersecurity, privacy and other security related topics. Feel free to contact me for further information. You can look at available thesis or propose your ideas.

5 Selected/Recent Publications (check also the full list)

  • M Ambrosin, P Braca, M Conti, R Lazzeretti. ODIN: Obfuscation-Based Privacy-Preserving Consensus Algorithm for Decentralized Information Fusion in Smart Device Networks In ACM TOIT 2017.
  • G Laurenza, L Aniello, R Lazzeretti, R Baldoni. Malware Triage Based on Static Features and Public APT Reports In CSCML 2017.
  • M Conti, D Lain, R Lazzeretti, G Lovisotto, W Quattrociocchi. It's Always April Fools' Day! On the Difficulty of Social Network Misinformation Classification via Propagation Features In IEEE WIFS 2017.
  • M Barni, G Droandi, R Lazzeretti. Privacy protection in biometric-based recognition systems: A marriage between cryptography and signal processing In IEEE SPM 2015.
  • GM Barni, P Failla, R Lazzeretti, AR Sadeghi, T Schneider. Privacy-preserving ECG classification with branching programs and neural networks In IEEE TIFS 2011.

Recent Professional Activities