DDC Twin Canyon Staff HUB

THANK YOU so much for volunteering to staff Diablo Day Camp this summer. 

The gift of your time and your hard work are truly appreciated!

NEW for 2024!

Our trash, recycling and food waste bins will be re-labeled
to make using our 3-can system easier and less confusing.

can blue-RecycleSmart-Recycling-Guidelines-2022.pdf

We recycle everywhere around camp whenever we can.

can black-RecycleSmart-Landfill-Guidelines-2022.pdf

Smaller cans will help keep our dumpster from overflowing.

can green-RecycleSmart_FoodWasteTips.pdf

In units and at the Hive, food waste bins are not the same as what you have at home.

can label_Gray water SINGLE

In units, gray waste water from the unit hand washing station can help water trees.