Fabio De Gaspari

Asisstant Professor, Researcher in Cybersecurity

Department of Computer Science, Sapienza University (Italy)

email: degaspari[at]di.uniroma1.it

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9718-1044

Current Research

My research field is Cybersecurity. I am concentrating my research on Neural Network security and Active Defense.

Currently, I am investigating applications of Neural Networks to adversarial settings such as that of cyber defense. My focus is on the design of Neural Network-based systems that are resilient to a range of adversarial attacks, such as evasion, poisoning and adversarial examples. I am also interested in studying the security of current Neural Network architectures under different adversarial settings.

I am also actively working in the area of Active Defense systems. In particular, I am doing research on the design and development of autonomous agents in the context of active defense systems such as DOLOS.

Collaboration Interest

I am currently looking for collaborations on several topics that are of interest to me:

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