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11/24/2023: Lots of Computers in STOCK!  We have over a dozen Computers in stock.  Lots of options, New, Refurbished, Windows, Linux, Gaming, Micro PC and more.  Come in and see what we have.  Looking for something we don't have; we also do custom builds suited to your specific needs.  We also carry accessories like wireless mice, keyboards, headsets, flash drive and lots more.

10/10/2023: There was a glitch in the Matrix Yesterday that has affected some customers internet.  While not everyone was affected, if you were it's an easy fix.  Turn off your surge protector that both the indoor WiFi router and outdoor modem are plugged into for 5 minutes and then turn it back on.  This process will take a minute to reconnect you but will also force a new connection to the tower and restore your service.  Thank you all, we appreciate every single one of our customers 🙂

08/01/2023: TV Antenna Special!!!  Outdoor Omni TV Antenna, installed to 1 TV in your home. ONLY $199.99 COMPLETE.  The antenna's are omnidirectional so you never have to turn them, great signal and lots of channels for no fee.  System comes with an amplifier, Mount, cable and setup to TV.  Supplies are limited so act fast.  Offer is for  Customers Living in Muskogee, Warner, Oktaha, Keefeton, or Checotah.  Offer Valid while supplies last..