DCS Online Calming Room

Directions: Click on any tab at the top of this page. You could choose:

*Sounds and Music


*Visual Relaxation


Give the tools a try to see which ones help you feel calm and happy. Bookmark this page, too.

We learn best when our minds and bodies feel calm.

Noticing our feelings can help us to be mindful and more kind to ourselves.

DCS Mental Health Staff:

Anchor (Y5-2): Sarah Fisk, School Social Worker, 424-4120, ext. 2221, fisks@dexterschools.org
Beacon (Y5-2): Tricia Winder, School Social Worker, 424-4130, ext. 3208, windert@dexterschools.org
Wylie (3-4): Hannah Nalepa, School Social Worker, 424-4140, ext. 4204, nalepah@dexterschools.orgMollie Kemp, School Counselor, 424-4140, ext. 4502, kempm@dexterschools.org
Creekside (5-6):Ingrid Charlson, School Social Worker, 424-4160, ext. 6322, charlsoni@dexterschools.orgCarrie Ragnes, School Counselor, 424-4160 ext. 6323, ragnesc@dexterschools.org
Mill Creek (7-8):Anna Romano, School Social Worker, 424-4150, ext. 5155, romanoa@dexterschools.orgTrina Gale, School Counselor (8th grade), 424-4150, ext. 5145, galet@dexterschools.orgCarly Petersen, School Counselor (7th grade), 424-4150, ext. 5051, petersenc@dexterschools.org
Dexter High School (9-12):Nancy Miller, School Social Worker, 424-4240, ext. 7062, millern@dexterschools.orgBrandy Jacobs, School Counselor (last names A-E), 424-4240, ext. 7055, jacobsb@dexterschools.orgErica Morell, School Counselor (last names F-Kn), 424-4240, ext. 7060, morelle@dexterschools.orgKristie Doyle, School Counselor (last names Ko-Ri), 424-4240, ext. 7051, doylek@dexterschools.orgKaren Wagner, School Counselor (last names Ro-Z), 424-4240, ext. 7053, wagnerk1@dexterschools.org
Dexter Alternative School:Shelley Rychener, School Social Worker, 424-4240, ext. 7003, rycheners@dexterschools.org
School Psychologists:Jennifer Porcaro, 424-4100, ext. 2213 (Anchor), ext. 4052 (Wylie), porcaroj@dexterschools.orgRobin Mentzer, 424-4100, ext. 3215 (Beacon), ext. 6324 (Creekside), mentzerr@dexterschools.orgKaren Touchstone, 424-4100, ext. 5247 (Mill Creek), ext. 7054 (DHS), touchstonek@dexterschools.org