Detroit Lakes High School

Yearbook Information 2023-2024

Please email Amy if you have any questions at


DEADLINE: March 15, 2024

Email Amy Knopf at if you have any questions regarding the yearbook.

Yearbooks are distributed in the Spring - usually during the first few weeks of May. 

Price: $50

If you do not order a yearbook by March 15, 2024, you can email Amy Knopf to get on a waiting list for one of the extra books. Limited extras will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Ordering Options:

Yearbook Order Form.pdf


Senior Pictures Due Dec 21, 2023

SENIOR PICTURES can be emailed to Amy Knopf at OR a printed copy can be brought to the main office and put in her mailbox. Please attach an original sized photo. No screenshots. Electronic submission is preferred.

The photo boxes are vertical. You can submit a horizontal image but some of the sides will be cropped off.

Ads for Grads (Optional) Due Dec 21, 2023

SENIOR ADS FOR GRADS: It is optional for families of seniors to submit an Ad for Grad for the yearbook. This includes sending in a baby picture (or when they were young) along with a personal message. 

The cost is $10.

Detailed instructions are included in the Form below:

Ad for Grad Example from a previous year: