Section 5.0 Computer Software

What is the Software Development Lifecycle?

In this video, I will describe the phases of the software development lifecycle.


This is a brief quiz about the steps of the software development lifecycle.

5.3 eCommerce Systems

In this lesson, I will describe Moore's Law that has been used to predict the increases in computing power.

eCommerce Quiz

In this lecture I will present the basics of binary numbers and why they are the basis of modern computing.

Enterprise Applications

In this lesson I will describe what an enterprise application is. I will also define the major different types of enterprise applications.

What is the Software Release Process?

In this lesson, I will describe the software release process and how most organizations promote software from development through test, to staging, and on to production. There are a number of things to consider in each environment and also establish successful exit criteria to move from one layer to the next. The steps are set up to ensure that the organization his shipping and delivering high-quality software.