Chromebooks at dess

Here at DESS we believe that technology, when used effectively, can bring significant benefits to the delivery and implementation of the curriculum in school. Over the last few years we have asked parents to provide their children with an iPad and these have been used very successfully to enhance the learning taking place in class.

At the start of academic year 21/22 we introduced Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) here at DESS. All of our staff have received training in the use of Google Workspace, several members of staff act as ‘Google Leaders’, and we are working towards all teachers gaining accredited ‘Google Educator’ certification.

In line with these developments we are moving away from using iPads in school.  We have already commenced with the introduction of Chromebooks in our current Year 3 and 4 classes.  Following this initial successful rollout, from academic year 22/23, we are therefore making it mandatory for children in Years 3, 4 and 5 to bring a Chromebook, instead of an iPad.

Here is a brief introduction to Chromebooks and Google Classroom.  

The Chromebooks will only be used in class when they can add value to the teaching and learning process. It is not the intention to replace traditional pencil and paper activities (particularly in writing and mathematics) with work on a computer.

Chromebook Rollout Schedule


Why chromebooks?

Starting in 2021 DESS made the transition to Google Workspace. We chose to adopt Google as we deemed it the most educationally friendly cloud platform that served the needs of both staff and students of DESS. This allowed us to introduce services such as Google Classroom, a powerful classroom management utility, student email addresses, a full cloud based productivity suite and live video classes all from a single platform. Chromebooks were a natural "next step" in that process, allowing our students uncompromised access to all these resources from both home and school in a single, cost effective, yet feature rich package.

What's in the box?

The Asus CR1 (CR1100) comes with

For detailed specifications please see the Chromebook Specification sheet.

Do I need to purchase a protective case?

The Chromebooks sourced by the school are built for use in the classroom. They therefore have a ruggedised chassis and are both spill and drop resistant. If you wish to purchase extra protection, any generic 12-13" laptop sleeve should be sufficient or alternatively protective outer shells can be found at various online retailers.

What are the chromebook's specifications?

A full specification sheet for the current model and any possible upcoming model (if applicable) can be found at the following link.
Chromebook Specification sheet.

Does the Chromebook come with a warranty?

Yes. All Chromebooks come with a 1 year warranty covering software and hardware faults. Accidental damage is not included. The details of the model and respective service centres are listed below, click the link for contact details and directions.

Acer: Redington

Asus: Techno-Blue (Note, the directions are listed as Head Office, however this is the service centre for computers)

What is the expected life-span of a chromebook?

DESS takes careful consideration of performance, functionality and cost effectiveness when selecting the model of Chromebook to supply. We endeavour to source models that are fit for purpose whilst promising a healthy service term at a reasonable cost. All Chromebooks sourced by the school will continue to receive updates for 8 years from the original release date of the device

As with all technology, device refreshes and updates are inevitable, accordingly, once existing stock has been depleted we re-evaluate the models on the market and select the one we believe is the best fit for our students while staying in line with current cost and performance expectations.

What does the pre-configuration process entail? 

Each Chromebook supplied through the school is pre-configured prior to collection. This process involves updating the device to the latest version, enrollment into the school management system and adding the student account. Therefore the only action required by the student is inputting their password, both the student username and password will be included in the box. Please note that while WiFi connectivity is automatically obtained at school as part of the pre-configuration process, you will need to manually connect the device to your home Wifi.

What restrictions (if any) does the school place on the device?

Chromebooks and student accounts are managed as separate entities and therefore rules that apply to the student account do not apply to all accounts on the Chromebook. Chromebooks enrolled into the DESS management system only have two rules applied. The first exclusively allows DESS issued accounts to be used on the device during the school day, this restriction is lifted on weekends and holidays. The second enforces automatic reenrollment of the Chromebook to the management system if a "Power wash" is preformed (the process that factory resets a Chromebook).

Student account rules are active from any Chrome browser session on any device the account is accessed from. These included web monitoring and filtering, enforced YouTube Restricted and Safe Search modes, curated Bookmarks, auto launching of high priority tabs upon first login and automatic installation of school related extensions and apps. These student account rules do not apply to other accounts added to the Chromebook.

DESS are constantly tweaking the student user experience, taking the age of the child into consideration in an attempt to not only offer a safe environment but one easily accessed and navigated. We believe that technology in the classroom should be intuitive and empower our students learning, not obfuscate it. 

What happens if/when my child leaves DESS? can the device be unenrolled?

Yes. When a student leaves the school the IT Department will unenroll the Chromebook from the school management system and close your child's DESS account. This process resets the Chromebook to it's factory default settings and allows it to continue to be used unmanaged by the school.

Can I print from a Chromebook

Yes. You can print from a Chromebook just like any Mac or Windows based device. Below are the setup instructions for adding a printer to a Chromebook.

I have a question/concern that is not answered here. 

If you have a question or concern that is not addressed here please send your enquiry to either Mr. Berry, the Head of ICT or Mr. Burgess, the IT Systems Lead.