Stoddard Elementary

Hello Stoddard Friends,

We did it! The Fall of 2020 was challenging but we have been in school everyday. We are so lucky! I'm so proud of students, staff and parents for all the hard work on our new protocols! The Stoddard Home Page will give you access to to Teacher Pages above. Every teacher has a Google Classroom and/or an activity page. The De Soto District and Stoddard PTO also has a Facebook page they will be using to share activities. Stoddard PTO Facebook click here!

5th Grade

Thanks Again Families

Click above for the end of the year photo video!

End of the Year!

We did it!

In Our Community.mp4

Out in our Community!

Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe!


My Video.mp4


4th Quarter-Happy Spring

Fishing Day

Reel Fun

Fun in the Sun

Nice Catch

Earth Day with Worms

Earth Day Fun

Making Paper

Earth Day

First Grade Green Thumb

Sow & Grow


2nd Semester

Hello Stoddard Families!

We are all done with our video concerts! We have lots of videos for you to enjoy. In the videos, we show you some of the dances, songs, and instruments we have learned this year. We also put together a whole school winter concert video. I put the videos on YouTube to make it easier to share. I put the videos as “unlisted” meaning the videos can only be accessed if you have the link, they are not available to the public. I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing winter break! Mrs. Campbell

5th Grade Concert:

4th Grade Concert:

3rd Grade Concert:

1st and 2nd Grade Concert:

Kindergarten Concert:

SE Holiday Concert.mp4

Holiday Concert

Way to Go Stoddard Friends!

12 Days of Christmas.mp4

12 Days of Christmas

Thank you to Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Wrobel for putting this together!

Merry Christmas from Stoddard Elementary

Happy Thanksgiving

Conference Time

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Yo Ho Yo Ho! We are so proud of our Pirates.

Happy Fall! Check for Conference INFO and Look at the What's Happening link above

A new Year........A new Adventure Awaits! let's Beat 2020!

Lots of new protocols! Check them out!

October 2020.mp4

Click on the picture above to watch Around Stoddard in 60 Seconds video.

Reading Buddies

Read Across America Day

Kg Fun

Adventure Awaits

Family Letter 2020 Fall