Stoddard Elementary

End of the year Video

Congrats Friends!

Hello Stoddard Virtual Friends,

I'm looking forward to trying fun and cool new things over break. The Stoddard Home Page will give you access to to Teacher Pages above. Every teacher has some really nice daily activities planned for each of you. PTO also has a Facebook page they will be using to share activities. Stoddard PTO click here! Teacher Links and Morning Announcements are below!

Mr. Fuglsang (Principal and PE) and Mrs. Mary (Virtual Secretary)

Ms. Sedlmayr- PreK Mrs. Trussoni- K Mrs. Jaekel- 3rd

Mrs. Wozney- 1st Grade Ms. Hysel- 2nd Grade Mrs. Fruit- Reading Specialist

Mrs. Gray- 4th Grade Mr. Paletta- 5th Grade Ms. Nagel - Special Education

Mrs. Zink- Stoddard Aide Mrs. Wrobel- Stoddard Aide Mrs. V- Library & Enrichment

Mrs. Buchner- Art Mrs. Mary- Secretary Mrs. Campbell - Music

Mr. Gaylor- Guidance Mrs. K- Sign Language Interpreter

Go Pirates! Here is your reading log! Click on the link to the right!

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Happy last DAy Friends!

We will miss you!

May 21- One more DAy!

May 20- Happy Bday River

Finish up that Work!

minna (2020-05-18 at 07:40 GMT-7)

May 19- My Crusan Friends

Nice work ladies!

rzi-scyu-wbj (2020-05-14 at 10:03 GMT-7)

May 18- Last Week

Finish Strong

May 15-Syttende MAi

Happy Birthday Mrs. Zink & Grady

May 14, 2020

I miss you all!

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May 13, 2020

Mr. Adam Venner

hfk-kwnv-hrd (2020-05-12 at 06:06 GMT-7)

May 12, 2020

Mr. Grady Loken

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May 11, 2020

Happy Bday Nolan and Mrs. K!

District Web Pics

District Update

MAy 8-Take a little break

Happy Birthday Kayne & Isabelle

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May 7- Mr. Oscar Zink


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May 6- Read, Read, Read

and love your friends!

Cinco de Mayo

New materials.......yeah!

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Happy monday

May the 4th be with you!

HappY May Day

Spring has Sprung!

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April 30- Desoto High

Way to go Pearl!

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April 29- Read, Read

A day in the life of Mrs. V


April 28th- Gavin is Back

Learning is fun!

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April 27- Mr. Boardman

Micheal Carbonaro @ 5 Tonight

April 24 Morning Message

April 24-

Texas Interview

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April 21-Another Great Interview

Burke and Reese

April 20- What a nice Weekend!

Thanks Reese

April 17

Spring Flowers

What is the name of the flower you see during the announcements? Take a walk with an adult and see if you can spot some of these flowers growing.

owf-ocrn-bwn (2020-04-15 at 18:45 GMT-7)

April 16- Go Doyle

Keep working hard!

April 15- Go 3rd Grade

The Great Turkey Hunter!

April 14- Welcome Back

Lets get back to work!

April 9- The sun is out.

Be looking for a special guests next week!

April 8- Baby Chicks

Happy Bday Colby!

April 7- time to go Boating

Miss you all! Happy Bday Chance Yesterday

April 6-Happy MOnday!

Is your bike ready?

April 3-Kindness

April 2- Wow

I love the weather!

April 1- Find a learning spot

I miss all of you!

Day 11- A new Face

The sun is shining.............get outside

Day 10- Happy Monday!

Book Challenge! What do you think?

Day 9- Happy Friday! Gobble, Gobble

Get up early and enjoy nature!

Day 8- Find you Quiet Place

Happy Bike Riding!

Day 7- ARRRRR!

Happy Hat Day!

Day 6- Lets Go!

Thanks you to our Food Service Staff!

Day 5- Keep Working!

Happy Monday! Do you have a schedule?


DAy 4- Let Guidance Begin

Mr. Gaylor with an Update

DAy 4- breakfast and Lunch

Get signed up and go outside!

DAy 3- Chicken Fun

Do you know what Icelandic Chickens Eat?

Day 2- BAck at School!

I hope you are learning your new routine and seeing all the cool stuff on the Stoddard PTO Facebook Page.

DAy 1- Stoddard Virtual

I'm so excited to learn with you online! You will find daily videos on announcements and upcoming activities from Mrs. Mary and I. Happy Learning!

PTO Teacher/Staff Appreciation

Thank You Westby Creamery for the Yummy Curds

Chalk Challenge

Art @ Home