We provide creative media solutions to improve health in local communities around the world.

Infographic videos

Latent tuberculosis

Animated Into Action is a new health promotion tool that informs people about latent TB. A short animated film, its goal is to engage new migrants from countries with high rates of TB with local NHS testing and treatment programmes.

Narrative videos

Samira's Story: Child Protection Working Group

The Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action were launched in Geneva, Switzerland on 29, October 2012. ITFL was asked to create 'Samira's story' to accompany the launch. We have since produced this video in several languages including French, Spanish and Arabic.

Global Health Education Videos

Sputum collection

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This short animation is designed to help people produce good sputum specimens for TB diagnosis. The video was animated with customisable graphics to suit different settings, and is available in over 25 languages worldwide. You can view, download and utilise the videos from here:

Landscape versions for tablets and PCs: https://vimeo.com/showcase/5437237

Portrait versions for phones: https://vimeo.com/showcase/5437244

If you have any trouble downloading, please get in touch:

...and so much more.

As well as a video and audio production studio, In Tune for Life is a UK registered charity. We organise fundraising events each year, and have an extensive catalogue of community projects that have taken place in many countries.

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In Tune for Life works with a range of health and development partners.

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