Glossary of Basic Synergy Terms


The TeacherVUE web portal provides classroom management and communication tools that make everyday tasks faster and easier for teachers, along with a robust grade book. The built-in TeacherVUE grade book offers highly flexible grading options and built-in analytics that help teachers track student progress, differentiate instruction, and provide effective, timely interventions to students who require extra support.


The ParentVUE & StudentVUE web portals allow parents/guardians and students the ability to view their own information stored in Synergy SIS. Parents/guardians can only see their children’s information and cannot see other students’ information. Parents/guardians and students can only view information, they cannot make changes to their records. Changes to a student’s record will still be processed through normal district procedures.

Parents/guardians and students can however enter several types of information through the ParentVUE and StudentVUE web portals. Parents/guardians can setup auto notifications and parents/guardians and students can make online course requests. Parents/guardians can also submit updates of their contact and demographic information. Students can submit digital files to complete assignments outlined in the teacher’s grade book.

The main screen of the ParentVUE and StudentVUE portals are considered the home page. The home page shows all of the students associated with the parent/guardian and recent events. Recent events are notices of student-specific events such as grades issued, end of grading period, conferences, etc. District announcements are for district-wide communication.

ParentVUE Features

      • Single sign-on for parents/guardians to access all of their children’s information, regardless of school.
      • View child’s assignments and scores, attendance, discipline, conference visits, health office visits, immunization compliance, transcripts, graduation status and more.
      • Receive automatic email notifications if student scores below a certain grade level on any test, quiz, or assignment.
      • Web-based portal solution allows 24/7 access from any browser.
      • Parents/guardians can modify data, such as demographic, emergency contact, physician information or any other user defined data fields online with self-service updates.
      • Receive customized email alert notifications regarding timely information, such as school events, attendance, or discipline incidents.
      • Free smartphone apps (iOs and Android) allow parents/guardians and students to access the portal from anywhere with an Internet connection.
      • Parents/guardians can easily communicate with teachers within the portal.

StudentVUE Features

      • Students can stay on top of upcoming school events, classroom happenings, and academic performance via their own student portal access, separate from ParentVUE.
      • Submit online course requests with automated prerequisite verification.
      • Track graduation requirements, how many credits remain, and follow a career planning path for course requests.
      • Receive notification when assignments are posted.
      • Store electronic files and assignments online with Digital Locker.

Digital Dropbox

Digital Dropbox enables students to submit completed assignments from the StudentVUE web portal or mobile app. Snapshots of Google Drive files can be easily uploaded without leaving Digital Dropbox, and can no longer be edited by the student after submission. For assignments that require students to show their work, such as math or art, students can capture a photo and upload it to Digital Dropbox for grading, eliminating the need to submit work on paper.