Student Expectations

Student Expectations

The Desert Sands Unified School District Connect: One to World Device Initiative is expected to have a positive impact on our student’s learning and overall educational experience. The resources on our Connect Initiative website, as well as daily interaction with caring and qualified adults, are intended to guide DSUSD students to be responsible and successful as they engage in a technology rich environment.

In order for our initiative to have the intended results, there are certain expectations on student behavior.

Students are expected to:

  • Bring their Chromebook to school fully charged each day of class.
  • Safeguard their Chromebook in a secure out-of-sight location when not in use.
  • Keep their Chromebook clean from inappropriate graffiti, stickers, or any items that result in defacing, damaging, or vandalizing the interior/ exterior finish, screen, or other components
  • Immediately report all malfunctions, damage, or loss of a Chromebook to their school site staff.
  • Practice Digital Citizenship and refrain from sending or encouraging others to send abusive or bullying messages.
  • Use appropriate language online: Students understand that they are a representative of our school and district on the Internet and will use polite and appropriate language.

Students shall not:

  • Deface, damage, or vandalize the interior/exterior finish, screen, or other components.
  • Attempt to load, use, modify or reconfigure the software/hardware operating system.
  • Download or store inappropriate content (including explicit images, music, or videos).
  • Use inappropriate language, harassment, or advocacy of illegal activity in email messages using district email, which may result in disciplinary measures.