Deptford High

AV Services

Home of Audio, Visual, and technology needs for staff and visitors to Deptford High School.

  • Use this page to sign up for AV and Tech equipment. Use the link to the signup form for the tools you need. Please first check the calendar for availability (There are 5 A/V carts of 30 Chromebooks each, 2 A/V carts of 15 Chromebooks each, and 1 each for ELA, Art, and S.S.).
  • Remember that for computer lab, library, or other room sign ups require you to reserve in other places and forms. And microphone and stage related use is to be reserved through stage crew.
  • With questions, please see or email Jonathan Ayer. Thank you!


See below for some common Technology Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting!

If the below Tips & Tricks don't help you self-troubleshoot, and you have a bigger problem that can't be resolved, please proceed directly to submitting a Trouble Ticket. Many technology problems are best resolved through the IT experts!

Tech Tips & Tricks

* Laptop/Chromebook login/connection issues ~ check the wifi is turned on (some laptops have wifi switches in front) and check that the wifi is connecting to the correct network

> The Chromebooks connect to the Kindle_Guest Network ~ check this by clicking on the signal symbol in the bottom right corner; if it's on Deptford_Guest, wait a minute for it to scan and find other networks and when the Kindle appears, click to connect to it.

* Printer ~ many problems can be resolved with clearing/stopping any issues, and then unplug/replug. See your Dept Head or Alexis Lukas for new ink.

* When in doubt, try a restart or unplug/replug (wait at least 10secs between)

* Projector filters ~ it's a good idea to clean these out every few months to avoid over heating of bulbs.

* Projector bulbs ~ when the screen begins to fade/discolor/turn off, it may be time for a new bulb (which you submit a Trouble Ticket for). First check to make sure all projector connections are secure.

* SMARTBoard Orientation ~ anytime your projector shifts or things don't seem to align, simply orient the board through its control panel on your computer.