USDD Technology Professional Development

What do you absolutely need to know to get started? Copy this template and go through the checklist!

G-Suite (Google) Resources

(Note - several of these sessions were created for instructional aide PD in the Spring, so you may hear references specifically to them as they were the initial target. The content is still good for everyone, I promise!)

  1. An Intro to Google Classroom

  2. An Intro to Google Docs

  3. Google Drive Basics

  4. All About Google Slides

  5. Improve Your Gmail Skills

  6. Chromebook Tips and Tricks

  7. Introduction to Google Meet

  8. Google Forms tutorials

  9. Youtube Tutorials

    • Especially useful to put videos here due in case Drive gets bogged down

  10. Read and Write Chrome Extension (click each bullet item to view a video or document)

11. Google Drawings