Welcome to Mr. Alworden's summer math help website! The purpose of this site is to provide parents with some resources and tools so that they can help their child become a confident math learner.

If you have any questions, need more resources or ideas, or would even like to share some of the great work you are doing this summer, contact Mr. Alworden HERE. Have a fun and safe summer!

Hello, my name is Justin Alworden. I am the Math Learning Support Teacher at Foxview. Plenty of research has shown that there is a strong correlation between math success and confidence. Math is simply another language. As adults, we know that we cannot learn a new language without a good teacher and lots of practice. You don't have to be a math expert to be a good teacher to your child, you just need to know what to teach. Hopefully this website can help you do just that.

I cannot stress enough just how important it is to have a good teacher when it comes to learning math. Anybody can be a good teacher, including parents, grandparents, friends, peers, etc. I'm often asked if I know of any good math websites or apps that can help their child improve their math skills. I do think that there are some phenomenal websites and apps out there, but nothing beats a good teacher and that is you! Just twenty minutes per day (3-4 days per week) will greatly improve your child's math skills.

What is number sense? Follow this link to learn more about number sense

Teaching number sense Follow this link to learn how you can teach number sense to your child

How do I teach these skills? Follow this link to learn more about teaching specific number sense skills. There are short video clips and resources that will help you teach your child number sense.

Track your child's progress Follow this link to get a printable tracking sheet that you can use to track your child's progress. If your child is proficient with a certain concept, cross it off and move on.

Summer Practice Schedule (example) Follow this link to print off a schedule that you can use this summer when working with your child. Twenty minutes per night (3-4 times per week) will make a huge difference in your child's overall confidence level with math.

Computation - This link is currently under construction.