Meet the Learning Support Teachers

Hello! My name is Justin Alworden and I am the math learning support teacher at Foxview. This is my eighth year in this position. Math has always been a passion of mine and I love to learn and teach mathematics. I really enjoy watching students develop a greater level of confidence in their math skills and hope that I can instill a lifelong love of math into each and every child.

Hello! My name is Mattie Blake and I am the literacy learning support teacher at Foxview. My main goal as an educator in this position is to inspire and support fifth and sixth grade readers and writers. My hope is that by providing my students with extra support and opportunities to practice their reading strategies, that they will grow as readers, and be proud of the progress they make. I hope to help and inspire students to want to read more and more. I am fortunate to work with the students at Foxview, and I am looking forward to years to come.