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Dr. Cindy O. Perigo, Ed, D

Principal's Message

City Central High School is truly a great school. It is a privilege to be part of the unique culture and traditions that exist at City Central High School where academics and co-curricular programs are anchored in excellence. I encourage all its staff, and teachers to work hard in attaining the Department of Education's Vision and Mission guided by its core values, to instill to each and every student. I, therefore, encourage all of our students to be involved in school activities, make a commitment to academic excellence, have a sense of nationalism, and be a contributor to the special spirit of good values, cooperation, and respect.

We believe all students are special and unique. They can achieve and succeed by their own capacity and are capable of reaping excellence when guided and given effective instructional strategies and nurtured in tender, loving, care environment by its professional staff and administration .It is our aim and priority to provide quality education for Academic Excellence or achievement to all our students where hardwork and good values are instilled and safety are at all times uphold. The staff is, therefore, enjoined to setting high standards and maintaining the best educational environment for all students. We also expect all our students to make a personal commitment to achieve high and strive to develop the 21st century skills ready to face global competitiveness.

They are at the same time encouraged to be involved in student activities, look for the good in all people, make good decisions, and practice patriotism in everyday endeavor and imbibe a sense of nationalism to eventually become productive citizens in community and to our country, the Philippines. Soar high City Central High School! Our parents, students, staff, and community share in a special sense of honor and pride regarding the school. We work hand in hand for its improvement in all aspects. Go for excellence, students! Remember that what you are tomorrow starts from what you do today! Be proud of your school and be part to the special spirit of Centralianz!

God bless us all!

Dr. Cindy O. Perigo, Ed. D


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