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At the equator of a planet called Earth, there is also the cultural center of Southeast Asia. This land of freedom and hope is called "Siam." Here, we've started growing rice since 3,500 BC. It is the first place in the world that has evidence that there have been people doing agriculture farming. From that day until today, for more than 6,000 years, the same land has continued to produce rice for Thai people from generation to generation.

Good rice doesn't leave us hungry. When we are not hungry, we are conscious. When we were conscious, we finally had time to create a civilization called "Siam." It can be said that it is because of rice that it began the true golden ax civilization of Thai people.

Since ancient times, Thailand has been a land of free trade. We all know what rice from around the world looks like. If anyone has seen and tasted it, they will know immediately that Thai rice is not like any rice from anywhere in the world. whether it is a unique shape, smell, or texture that will amazingly accommodate well especially with Thai cuisine.


Whether it seems like it or not, our title of having delicious rice is not a coincidence. Of course in this world, if everything was a coincidence and turned out to be all good, then everything would undoubtedly be perfect. Unfortunately, the world we live in doesn't operate in that manner. The secret for our guaranteed world-ranking title is that through a process of research, education, and development towards excellence in agricultural technology. Another fact that we can say wholeheartedly is that most Thai farmers are not only farmers who are heavy labor alone but they are also botanists. All Thai farmers have a high level of knowledge about rice. They all study, control and forecast all factors related to rice. Whether it's about regulating the rain, or rice fields, they are able to control factors from the lowest level to the top level of the rice-growing ecosystem that represents true rice experts. Our farmers have one important secret and that is understanding and applying the teachings of Vattasana. The Buddhist teaching means that if anything is weak, it cannot be established in this world. With this principle of wisdom, this way of thinking, Thai rice has been developed systematically.

We recently developed our latest rice strain. It is now the 36th generation that we have succeeded in bringing our rice closer to the word “perfect”. We have made significant improvements on several properties of Thai rice. Our main idea is to integrate the principle called the balance of sufficiency, which is the doctrine of the greatest master of all, The Buddha. The principle referred to the ability to withstand, not to the ultimate end and yet, it is based on what is known as “balance.” Here, balance is applied to many factors such as the use of resources, fertilization, water, labor, and time management to achieve consistency with the season.


A life that is too stressful, or a life that is too relaxed has never been good. The point of balance seems to be the fastest way to reach every goal. Food is the beginning of wisdom so rice that comes from the hands of people with long-standing peasant ancestors, is guaranteed to be delicious.

Rice was raised with the right beginning.

Rice balances with just the right amount of sufficiency.

Rice goes well with any taste of food from anywhere in the world;

That rice is the best. That rice is The Awesome Rice.