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Strive: Training Flow:

Strive is about the growth process involving appraisal and professional growth. A key to starting out the training is to emphasize how teacher evaluation systems have evolved from compliance and check-boxes to building goals and actions for professional growth. Strive focuses on the learning and doing actions necessary for goal completion. Professional growth provides the specific learning moments within the entirety of the goal process. Strive is the place where educators go to plan and collaborate on their professional learning!

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Strive Teacher Training Flow Handout

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Before and After: Apprise/ Workshop vs. Strive

Strive: Teacher Training: Update Profile Settings:

As each new school year begins, it is important for staff to update their profile information in Eduphoria to make sure the correct campus, subjects and grade levels taught is accurate in the profile. Also, the addition of Strive allows users to submit a profile picture for campus and district administrative staff to view in the new Principal Dashboard.

Strive Update Profile Settings Video

Strive Update Profile Settings Handout

Strive: The Teacher/ User Dashboard

When a teacher/user first logs in to Strive, the first view they will see is the Personal View. This can also be seen by clicking the initials or photo of the person in the top left navigation panel.

Strive Teacher Dashboard Handout

Strive: Adding Goals

If your district has created an Evaluation Process that indicates a number of required goals to complete, you can Add a New Goal in the Evaluations tab that will link it to the required number.

Strive Adding Goals Handout

Strive Adding Professional Goals Teacher Video

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Strive: Archived Goals

Goals used in a previous year added using the Add New Goal button in Appraise are available using the Show Archived Goals button in Strive.

Archived Goals Handout

Strive: Goal Evidence

A key part of goal setting is tracking the evidence demonstrating how a user is working on completing a goal. Evidence added in this section will track all documentation, reflections, links, uploads, and Workshop portfolio items in one location to show the evidence for goal completion.

Goal Evidence Handout

Goal Evidence Video

Strive: View Appraisal Documents

In the Teacher Dashboard/Personal View, click the Evaluations tab.

This view gives you access to your district/campus defined Evaluation Process.

View Appraisal Documents Handouts

Strive: Training and Register for Courses

Courses you are already enrolled in will appear in the top section of the page under Enrolled Courses. The entire course catalog for your district/campus will appear in the section marked Available Courses.

Strive: Training and Register for Courses Handout

Strive: Quick Guide Teacher

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Strive: Principals & Administrators

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