Delran High School 

Library Media Center (LMC)

Welcome to Delran High School's Library Media Center!  The media center is a collaborative space for learning, enriching, and exploring, such as through creating projects, reading, and researching. 

Library Media Center Staff and Hours:

Library Media Specialist: Ms. Soult, MS-LIS, MS-LxDET, PL-NJ, SLMS

Library Media Assistant: Mrs. Rush


Monday through Friday 7:15-2:30 (full day); 7:15-12:00 (half days)

Afterschool hours with Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Spera 2:30-3:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays;  NHS Tutoring available.

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Media Center Calendar

Staff Library Media Center Scheduling

To book the media center (without library instruction), click hereThe blocks are listed by class period rather than time.

Please note: The "Left Side" of the library is a flexible, collaborative space without Chromeboxes, ideal for projects with 1:1 Chromebooks, working with print materials, or creating large projects such as posterboards.  The "Right Side" of the library, closest to the media center entrance, has access to 22 Chromeboxes and additional table space.

To book the media center conference room, please e-mail Ms. Soult.

To request library resource instruction or request print/electronic resources to be pulled for a class project, click here.

To request a lunch and learn tutorial session, click here.

To book outside presentations or evening events, please use SchoolDude.

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Equipment Available in the Library Media Center

Visiting the Library Media Center

The Library Media Center is an inclusive space through which students develop the skills needed to utilize information effectively and is an essential part of teaching and learning.  Flexible access allows students to research, do presentations, tutor, study, and read.

General Guidelines

Behavior Guidelines

The Delran High School Library is an inclusive academic space.  While in the Library Media Center, students are expected to manage their time effectively (researching, working, looking for a book, or reading) and to exhibit behavior aligned in their Student Handbook.  Students who behave inappropriately may be asked to leave the Library Media Center.  Using the Library Media Center is a privilege, and disruptive behaviors may result in administrative action and suspension of library privileges.

Examples of behaviors that may result in a restriction of library privileges include (full list in your Student Handbook): 

The Library Media Center operates around rules of respect: respect for students and staff, respect for the furnishings and materials, and respect for the school community.  This also extends to being a good digital citizen and using the computers and Internet responsibly by following your Technology Agreement.

All guidelines are discussed in your Student Handbook.

Selection of Top Circulating Books, 2022-23:

Click here to view the Delran Reads collection on DHS Library's Destiny Discover catalog. Some titles are on order and will be released on this page once they are available.