DHS Library Media Center (LMC)

Welcome to Delran High School's Library Media Center! The media center is a collaborative space for learning, enriching, and exploring, such as through creating projects, reading, and researching.

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Library Media Specialist: Ms. Soult, MS-LIS

Library Hours: Monday through Friday 7:15-2:30

Students may visit the library with their teacher or a staff member, or individually with a pass during lunchtime or study halls. Library procedures and expectations are outlined in your Student Handbook under "Library Media Center -- General Guidelines."

Media Center Calendar

Staff Library Media Center Scheduling:

To book the media center (without library instruction), click here. The blocks are listed by class period rather than time.

Please note: New for the 2021-22 school year, the "Left Side" of the library is a flexible, collaborative space without Chromeboxes, ideal for projects with 1:1 Chromebooks, working with print materials, or creating large projects such as posterboards. The "Right Side" of the library, closest to the media center entrance, has access to 24 Chromeboxes and additional table space.

To book the media center conference room, please e-mail Ms. Soult.

To request library resource instruction or request print/electronic resources to be pulled for a class project, click here.

To request a lunch and learn tutorial session, click here.

Calendar view loads details when logged into your Delran Schools G-Mail account.

You can view all new titles using Destiny Discover!

The Library Media Center offers equipment such as:

  • Full presentation setup, with wireless mouse, keyboard, clicker, and a document camera for use on the projector screen with surround sound system;

  • An interactive 65" Viewsonic Viewboard on articulated horizontal/vertical motorized cart for collaboration;

  • 30 Chomebox computers with wireless printer access (24 on the right side computer lab, 6 in the center pod between the two spaces);

  • Laminator and Printer/Copier/Scanner;

  • Two large two-sided whiteboards.

As a courtesy, the library also offers quiet space and proctoring for makeup tests.

Test Center Procedures

Teachers: If you would like to have students make up a quiz or test in the media center during their study hall, please include proctor instructions such as if the exam is open book, allows notes, allows calculator, etc. Completed materials are returned to teachers in their mailboxes at the end of each day. Please provide the student with a pass to visit the media center, and please include your last name on the test.

Students: When making up a quiz or test in the media center, your phone must be placed in the cell phone holder behind the librarian’s desk. You must be in a seat facing the librarian and no materials may be on your desk during your exam unless noted in your teacher’s proctor instructions. Tests are not to leave the media center and must be returned to the library desk upon completion or at the conclusion of the period. It is your responsibility to visit the media center to make up your exam.

AP Exams and Other Standardized Tests

Occasionally the media center may be scheduled by administration to accommodate larger groups for standardized testing. Advanced notice and signage will be posted to notify staff and students of any closures due to standardized testing.