About ADT

Australian Defence Technology (ADT) supplies its customers with a comprehensive range of electrical, mechanical and electronic products and services. Enhancing this effort are ADT’s internal Engineered Solutions activities, which provide engineering and technical services to deliver value-added outcomes and competitive advantage for its supply partners and customers.

Each day, ADT does all that it can to satisfy the expectations and needs of its diverse customer base. Key deliverables such as meeting delivery deadlines via our efficient and comprehensive freight network, and providing solutions-based sales concepts and proposals that encompass cost efficiencies and competitive advantage, are just part of the unique way ADT adds value.

By supplying such a comprehensive range and meeting customer expectations, ADT is best positioned to service its core customer requirements.

Australian Defence Technology and associated companies are leading manufacturers of equipment utilising Leach electromechanical and solid state switch gear for defence, industrial safety and rail applications.

We are here to provide you with:

Lower cost

Lighter weight

Reduced footprint and high density electrical systems

More reliable solutions

We leverage our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to create solutions-oriented equipment for power distribution and control. Combining our components with unique package design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom solutions such as:

AC/DC Primary and secondary power distribution assemblies

Relay subracks and panels

Highly ruggedised electronics

Advanced auxiliary power units and energy conversion technologies

Smart contactors

Wiring integrated assemblies

We do build to print to manufacture to the EOM equivalent. We reverse engineer where vendors are no longer in business or designs are no longer available. With more than 10 years’ experience for ultra low volume customised products manufactured to stringent specifications including:

Project management and integration support

Customised assembly solutions

Components and spare parts

Highly complex quality products

Rapid prototyping

Electrical testing assemblies

Test equipment

On time delivery

Through life support

Obsolescence management

Reverse engineering and re-manufactured equipment