Gilbert Park Computer Lab

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Bubble Pop

Pop Balloon

Number Mahjong

Number Mahjong

3-2-1 Snack

Sight Words

Animal Maze

PBS Kids games

Frog Pond Patrol

Keyboard Builder

Cupcake Bugs

Snail Bob

Seed Ball make trail

Coding game

A Lotta Dessert pattern game

Animal Matching


2nd -3rd Grades

Island Creatures

Snoring Elephants

Memory Artist

Swimming Otters

Chrome Music Lab

3rd-5th Grades

Kind Kingdom

Mindful Mountain

Dirt Bike Proportions

Calculator Chaos


"Gap Finder - Multiple Choice - 3rd":

"Gap Finder - Short Answer - 3rd":

"Gap Finder - Multiple Choice - 4th":

"Gap Finder - Short Answer - 4th":

"Gap Finder - Multiple Choice - 5th":

"Gap Finder - Short Answer - 5th":

Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Comic Maker


That Quiz

SBAC practice

SBAC Training

Code Fred: Survival Mode

Cubilus Game

Free Time

Christmas Tree Light Up