Scholarship Info

For 2018-2019 Scholarship Amounts are as follows:

Elmer E Hester Homesteader Award $5000

Boyd H Crane Scholarship $100

Andy & Allura Anderson Scholarship $400

In early August I will verify with each college enrollment and status. Upon verification I will send a check directly to the school. In most cases, I will send a check in August and one in January. The only scholarships that I will not send two checks are Eldon Hardwick Scholarship, Brian Edwards Scholarship, Esther Isaac Scholarship, and Gary Stamm Scholarship. Please ensure the college does NOT split the amount I send, 100% will be applied to each semester.

Students who attend Concordia University will need to contact the financial aide office to give consent to release the information to me.

Scholarship Application 2017.pdf
Boyd H. Crane Scholarship Application Fillable 2016.pdf
Anderson Scholarship Fillable 2016.pdf