DCSS Instructional Technology Support Portal for Parents

Douglas County School System ( DCSS) is committed to providing and supporting continuity in learning for all of our students.  This website has been organized to  provide parents, guardians and caregivers online resources, as well as suggested off-line activities to support student learning from home.

The resources provided on this website are to help engage students in continued learning.  Teachers will communicate with your student with course specific information and learning opportunities. 

 The Mission of the DCSS Technology Department

The Douglas County School Systems Technology Department's mission is to enhance the learning environment through the infusion of technology into the intructional process. We want to provide access to technology tools that will impact learning for all students and assist teachers in providing instruction. DCSS believes that the use of technology assists students in realizing their learning potential. For the student, technology is a tool that can positively impact their learning. 

 Getting Connected

Many of the online resources are embedded within ClassLink students' online Single Sign On (SSO). However, some resources suggested below are available free of charge on the web and may require a student to create an account. Parents/guardians should approve the use of these educational resources before creating an account.

Username and Password

Know Your Username and Password

All DCSS staff and students have a DCSS username and password.

If students have forgotten their passwords or are otherwise experiencing problems trying to login, please contact your school's office manager or media specialist.

DCSS Portal - ClassLink

DCSS Portal - ClassLink

After signing in to Chrome, navigate to portal.dcssga.org which is DCSS's portal for single SSO to digital learning resources. All students and staff use their DCSS Network Login to access the DCSS Portal.

Recommended Web Browser

Google Chrome

The recommended browser is Google Chrome. Users should sign in to Chrome to streamline the online learning process. 

How to Sign In to Google Chrome:

1. Open the Chrome web browser.

2. Click on the person on the top right of the screen. 

3. Click "Sign into Chrome".

4. Enter your DCSS email address and network password. 

A Guide to Chromebooks

Tech Home Tips and Resources

Technology Care Guidelines

Classroom Technology Rules Poster (Infographic) (4).pdf
Spanish Classroom Technology Rules Poster (Infographic).pdf

Fostering 21st Century Learning 

The Douglas County School System prepares students to navigate new learning landscapes that incorporate state-of-the-art technology.  Additionally, our curriculum programs highlight and prepare students for a variety of career opportunities.  Collaboration and creativity are encouraged, as students are challenged to think critically and communicate their learning in a variety of ways, including utilizing technology platforms. These key instructional components help prepare students to engage and contribute to a thriving global community.

The Teaching and Learning Department oversees the administration of the curriculum and instructional programs of the district including Career and Technical Education (CTAE), educator professional learning, special education, Fine Arts, Instructional Technology, special academic programs, English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and early childhood education.

Below is a list and brief description of many of the instructional resources and tools that support our curriculum.  

Hint: You may scroll through the document below using the scrollbar or in the top right corner of the document, click the rectangle box with the arrow to open the DCSS Instructional Resources & Tools document in a new window.

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Key Platforms for Learning

G-Suite Classroom for Parents

Parent G-Suite Introduction

Home Learning Supports 

Recommended Learning Schedules

Please feel free to use and or modify the resources below to build your own  home learning schedules. 

Stress Management Resources

Stress-management resources

Media Recommendations

Media recommendations for entertainment

Hand-picked, age-appropriate media suggestions to keep the whole family engaged.

Best Music Apps and Games for Kids

50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They're 12

Best Family Movies

Common Sense Selections highlighting the best movies and TV shows

Sibling Watch-Together TV

Best Documentaries for Kids and Families