Extended Learning is the opportunity for students to gain knowledge and skills through learning that takes place outside of the traditional classroom. This can include—but is not limited to—summer learning, before and after school programs, tutoring, and partnerships.

There is a strong emphasis on helping schools offer a wide range of services or activities outside of the normal school day to help meet the learning and developmental needs of students, their families, and local communities.

We will

EXTEND learning beyond the classroom.

ENRICH our students with multiple opportunities to learn and grow.

EXPAND our network of partners.


DCSS & Child Care Center Partnership

Douglas County is partnering with the local child care centers to expand access to and increase the quality of all child care centers, no matter where they are located.

The collaboration will allow partners to develop a common language about teaching and learning, set the same benchmarks for children, learn and share best practices, build relationships, and develop a shared understanding of school readiness.

DCSS will provide the following in our partnership with the child care centers:

  • 10 Chromebooks, internet hotspot(s), and a charging cart to support technology

  • Professional Development

  • Technical Support and Infrastructure

  • Collaborate with the Kindergarten Teachers

  • Classroom Library and a list of web-based programs

Mini Chef Academy

DCSS & The Rouse Foundation

Living a heart-healthy lifestyle is the goal of The Mini Chef Academy! Douglas County School System has partnered with the Rouse Foundation to help elementary school students to form healthy eating habits by participating in the Mini Chef Academy.

The Rouse Foundation is working with Annette Winn Elementary and Factory Shoals Elementary After School Programs. Students will learn about the heart, healthy food choices, and exercise every month. In addition, math, reading, science, and social studies will be integrated throughout the program. Dr. Rouse will talk to the students about the importance of having a healthy heart and how their diet and exercise can contribute to that over their lifetime. After students complete the program, DCSS and The Rouse Foundation hope to create a positive behavioral change within the student so they can share their knowledge with parents, friends, and others in the community.