CCI Program Staff

Program Enrollment

CCI School Counselor

Ms. McKenna Lee

WGTC High School Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Ms. Sheila Billingslea

WGTC Special Education Services Coordinator

Zelma Jones

WGTC Dual Enrollment Program Coordinator

Lauren Edgar

Program Instructors

Please note due to FERPA laws communication between program instructors and parents is extremely limited. Program students are strongly encouraged to reach out to their instructors themselves and share all course information including coursework, assignments, and grades with their parents.


Mr. Ken Blackwell


Ms. Dale Patterson

Criminal Justice

Dr. Guerdy Regilus


Chef Dennis Edwards

Cyber Security & Game Development

Dr. Francisca Edwards

Dental Assisting

Ms. Jessica Harvey

Early Childhood Education

Ms. Wendy Grey

Nurse Aide

Ms. Kristy Carroll

Pharmacy Assisting

Ms. Melissa Jones


Mr. Ross Hollon