Ms. Wickstrom's Lang. & Lit.

Hello, I'm Rebecca Wickstrom, and this is my 15th year here at Ranch View. I was born and raised in Iowa, and I've taught language arts for 23 years. I graduated from the University of South Dakota with a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Secondary Education. In the past, I've also coached gymnastics, track, and cross country.

In the warmer months, I like to camp and bike in our beautiful state of Colorado. My other half and I have two beautiful Pointer pups, and they think camping in the mountains is Disney Land! I used to be an avid road cyclist, riding since my teens; however, the past several years, I really enjoyed the challenges of mountain biking and down hilling. I also love yoga and reading, and if the mood strikes, I'm down for a scenic hike!

I am excited to get to know my students and hope for a positive year! Middle schoolers are so eager and energetic, so I feel like I really connect with this age group well. I'm pretty friendly and approachable, so feel free to contact me at any time if you have concerns or questions.

Here's to a great 7th grade year!

Jackson Hole, WY

Google Classroom Codes

Period 1: 7b6z6kv

Period 2: pt6fd5i

Period 3: eoowzy2

Period 5: by5mtax

Period 7: svgsjmp

Period 8: 6rdupnm

Language Arts

Mascot: Remi

LA Plan

Mon., Sept. 20: Finish reading "Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed"/Figurative language assignment; Go over Comma Quiz answers/Retakes due by next Monday!

Tues., Sept. 21: Irony lesson/Read a short story and apply understanding of the term.

Wed., Sept. 22: Vocabulary--Wordly Wise lessons 8-10/Finish lessons 11 and 12 for Friday; Finish Irony assignment related to the short story started on Tuesday; Semi-colon, colons, and Quotation Mark work/assignment.

Thurs., Sept. 23: See Wed.

Fri., Sept. 24: No School--PLC Day

Adv. Lang. Arts

Mascot: Piper

ALA Plan

Mon., Sept. 20: Turn in "Harrison Bergeron" Trait Assignment; Comma Quiz; Free read/Assign Literary Technique assignment using free read book.

Tues., Sept. 21: Go over Comma Quiz (Retakes due Monday); Literary Technique assignment work time--due Monday!

Wed., Sept. 22: No ALA

Thurs., Sept. 23: Share Literary Technique with table groups/turn in; Irony Lesson with "The Necklace" and "Story of an Hour"

Fri., Sept. 24: No School--PLC Day