What is the Sophomore Personal Project? 

The personal project is a student-driven, inquiry-based project that takes place over an extended period of time

So, what does that mean?

Student Driven: You choose the topic of your personal project, and you decide what you want the outcome to be. This project should be 100% based on your interests. It is recommended that you create a goal based around an activity or interest with which you are either already involved OR would like to become involved. This might mean gaining a specific skill in a sport, learning a new craft, or researching a passion. Ultimately, the project is designed to encourage you to take control of your own personal growth and learning.

Inquiry-based: Though you determine the topic and outcome of your project, there are some requirements. One is a research requirement: your project must include research. The research you conduct should be varied and you must make sure you evaluate your sources to ensure that they are valid. Your sophomore English teacher will guide you through this process. The research you conduct can and should influence the goal you set for yourself, your approach to your project, and how you measure your own success. 

Extended Period of Time: This project spans from AUGUST  through APRIL. You cannot complete this project last minute; instead, please ensure that you carefully adhere to the due dates and guidelines provided to you in this packet, on Google Classroom, and by your seminar and access teachers.

Significant Body of Work: Because so much time is devoted to the personal project, the expectation is that the outcome will be ambitious, meaningful to you,  and of high quality. Consider this when you are creating your goals and thinking about what you want to do. 

Here is a LINK to the Parent Letter sent home to families in August

Student Personal Project Book.pdf

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