Tech Tips

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(This page is a work in progress, there will be updates to the information periodically. Thank you for your patience) 

Wash Your Hands

Please make sure you wash your hands before and after you use technology, the reason is if you are sharing technology with others, germs can pass between you and the other person. Washing your hands can help stop the spread of germs, and can help keep the technology cleaner.

Do not eat or drink near the technology

Technology can be damaged with food or drinks, and if it spills on the technology it can ruin them. in order for us to keep using it to the fullest, please make sure all snacks and beverages are being enjoyed away from the technology

Stay Away from Unknown Websites

If you have a link to an unknown website, or do not know if a site is a good website, it is best to stay away to keep yourself and your technology safe from viruses or hackers.


Just like in real life, Do not Talk to Strangers online