Heritage 2023

Fall Running Club

The goal of our running club is to provide an opportunity for students to start their day with some movement!  Additionally, we are hoping to encourage students to get and stay involved in a new lifelong physical activity.  It has been such a fun way to start the school week and wake up for the day! 

Running & walking help to develop fitness while building muscles, burning calories, reducing stress, and creating positive lifelong habits! Students will practice their pacing, running form, and controlling their energy while they move. Students also receive a necklace and earn toe tokens for every mile they run!  We begin running club by playing a game of tag to warm-up and wake up our bodies!  Next, the 6th grade students lead everyone in a series of dynamic stretches before they get 25-30 minutes to run laps on a course set up in the field!  We end club by giving students their earned toe tokens from the day.  This has proved to be a motivating incentive for students.

-Ms. Lelo


Running club is open to all 3rd-6th grade students due to the stamina needed to run during the club : )