Mr. Reams

Digital Design

Students will learn how to use the professional design software Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create digital designs following modern design principals. Students will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through their work and photography.

Computer Science

In Computer Science we will explore the fundamentals of programming languages essential to web development, game design, and app development. More advanced students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of Java Script or Python languages.

Google Classroom Code - Spring 2021

  • 1st Period CS: cvrd4tt

  • 3rd Period Design: ylndfnu

  • 4th Period Design: d34x4u7

  • 5th Period Design: okxnmmn

  • 7th Period Design: lfs33gb

  • 8th Period Design: vysdvaf

Resources - Website used in CS to learn programming - Website for free videos for learning design, photography, careers, and much more - Great academic resource for all types of learning. Pixar in a Box course and Computer Science course are great for advanced learners

Welcome to Mr. Reams' Class

My name is Kenneth Reams, and I’m really excited to start my first year here at Ranch View Middle School. I graduated from University of Houston in 2014 with a degree in psychology. This is my 5th year as a teacher, and I have previously taught in Houston ISD at Baylor College of Medicine Biotech Academy at Rusk, a magnet school for students interested in health science. I’ve taught 7th/8th grade science for one year and three years of a special topics course called neuroscience for 6th grade.

My wife Heidi and I moved to Denver, Colorado in 2019 for a change of scenery and a new career opportunity for her. We have two babies, an orange tabby named Natalie and an Australian cattle dog named Cece. My wife and I are both huge technology nerds and gamers, and we love spending our time together cooking delicious vegan meals and exploring the beautiful world of Colorado with Cece.