Ranch View Volleyball

Welcome to all who love the Game

Welcome to the Ranch View Volleyball Athlete page. Where our top priority is to cultivate the love and knowledge of a life long sport. Come be a part of an experience where teamwork is important and teammates become lifelong friends. We are so excited to have a season for the girls this year and welcome all levels of players. If you have not played before, don't let that stop you. We have a place for all levels, from experienced club players to the very beginner. This season we make an oath to all that players will build their knowledge and come out a better player than they started.

Completed physical forms can be emailed to lvargo@dcsdk12.org or faxed to 303.387.2301.


Wellcome New 7th Grade Teams

7th & 8th Grade Team BANQUET

FRIDAY NOV. 5th 6:30 to 8:00

Ranch View Middle School

Dinner Orders

Dinner will be served please visit the link below to order and pay for your dinner. Dinner will be catered by I HEART MAC & CHEESE. Your orders will be delivered and handed to you when you enter the commons. Note, there is a glitch when using a card as a form of payment. Please use your PayPal account for Payment of your order.

Order Dinner Here: I HEART MAC&CHEESE


The 8th grade volleyball team has been invited to spend the night. Please make sure to bring a sleeping bag, pillow and pajamas, anything you will need as we celebrate the end of season with an overnight. Below is the link to the permission slip.

8 Girls Volleyball Lock In

What Do I Need to Know?

Practice attire needs to be shorts/leggings, a T-Shirt or Tank-top over a supportive sports bra. All girls need to have a pair of tennis shoes, this is a safety matter along with helping keep our gym floor in good shape. Knee pads are a must and should be washed weekly. Girls will be given a team uniform to be worn on game days. Make sure they are clean and presentable when worn. Girls who do not have their uniform on game day will not play.

Education to Publication

Please make sure you have signed the media release form in IC. You would have done this at checkin, if you do not know for sure you can call the school and ask the school scheduler she would be able to confirm. This year we would really like to photography to document our girls through their journey of the season. I will be using these photos in my digital design classes for students to create collage advertisements for our program, school spirit and to create a school wide family where feels valuable.

Who Plays?

Everyone plays at this level, playing at practice is just as important as getting the practice of performing in games. We are dividing teams based on level, skill and potential, this evens the playing field of game time. Parents, if you are frustrated with any performance do not contact any coach until 24 hours after the game or event in question. We will be happy to talk with you, but will not do so unless you follow this guideline. Not attending practice will effect game time. Students have to be counted present at school the same day they attend practice or games. If they are marked absent for the day they will not be able to attend practice/game held that same day. If you have more questions about school sport rules and guidelines please feel free to read our sports hand book that will help you with any questions.

Flex Ride

We are working with RTD to get students and parents who need Transportation support in after school activities to have access RTD's Flex ride. This Petition will help give RTD an understanding of our needs. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/flex-ride-for-roxborough You can also email this address if you would like to share a personal story in your petition to have Flex Ride available for commuting students. email: Service.changes@rtd-denver.cocm

Season Schedule

As much as we love a set schedule we live in an ever change world so please be aware that games may be subject to change.

8th Grade Volleyball

Purple: A/B is home & C-team is away

Black: C-Team is home & A/B is away

Aug 9th - Sept. 4th



Tues: 08/17 C@Home A/B @SGMS

Thurs: 08/19 C @Home. A/B@CRMS

Tues: 08/24 A/B@Home/MMS

Thurs: 08/26 C-Team@CMS

Tues: 08/31 C@Home A/B@SMS

Thurs: 09/02 A/B@Home C@MRMS

Wed: 09/08 AB@Home C@RHMS


Sat: 09/11 All DCSD Middle Schools CRMS

7th Grade Volleyball

Purple: A/B is home & C-team is away

Black: C-Team is home & A/B is away

Sept.13th - Oct. 14th



Tues: 09/21 C@Home A/B@SGMS

Tues: 09/28 A/B@Home C@MMS

Mon: 10/04 C@Home A/B@SMS

Wed: 10/06 A/B@Home C@MRMS

Thurs: 10/07 C@Home A/B@CRMS

Mon: 10/11 A/B@Home C@RHMS


Thurs: 10/14 A Team tournament @CRMS

Team Picture Date: TBA

Meet the Coaches

Lori Naughton

Head Coach

Lori Naughton is well versed in the middle school world and has taught science for 30 years. She has a highly successful coaching career of 15 years. Lori brings fun and excitement along with caring and compassion for all players. Coming from the Great State of Texas she blesses our school with her gentle, outgoing, but disciplined coaching style. Mrs. Naughton has two boys of her own who she has supported in their own athletic endeavors, high school, club basketball, and soon to be golf.

Amber Lichfield

Assistant Coach

Amber Lichfield teaches art and digital design at RVMS. She started coaching swimming at age 16. Continued to coach swim while attending collage in Utah. After graduating she moved to Texas to teach math, coach Cheer & Volleyball. Taking volleyball to Regional Champions & Cheer to State Champions, within her three year stay, she knows how to build a successful team. Amber continues her love for the sport as she spent many years supporting her oldest daughter who played high school & club VB.She is happy to start coaching again and is excited to build an athletic family at Ranch View.

Ella Lichfield

Assistant Coach

Don't be mislead by her young age. Ella Lichfield is a talented senior who has played volleyball for the high school and Rocky Select for many years. She is a rock star at creating lineups and game plans. With her knowledge of playing middle is well skilled in rotations and can really teach the girls how to read the ball and the opposing players.
Ella will be attending Tuesday through Friday practices and games to help coach as part of her senior service hour project. This will give her over 100 hours in service hours, enough to letter at TRHS.