Personalized Learning 

Special Education at TRHS

ThunderRidge High School provides  targeted special education support and services to students on Individual Education Plans (IEP).

Special Education Services

Special Education services are afforded to all students who are entitled to special education services as identified in the student’s Individualized Education Program. Services may include:

The continuum of special education services  are designed to ensure that students are able to access and make progress in the general curriculum. Service delivery is driven by student performance and subject to change as the student makes progress towards goals and objectives and is served in the least restrictive environment.

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 Supporting Students 

At ThunderRidge, one of the ways in which students are supported is through a co-taught model. Co-teaching is the practice of pairing teachers together in a classroom to share the responsibilities of planning, instructing, and assessing students. In a co-teaching setting, the teachers are considered equally responsible and accountable for the classroom. Co-teaching is implemented at ThunderRidge with general and special education teachers paired together as part of an initiative to create a more inclusive classroom.  

ThunderRidge also offers a continuum of services for students that need support in addition to the co-taught classes. These classes are outside of the general education classroom and taught by a learning specialist. 

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Registration Process for Incoming 9th Graders with IEP's

If at any time during this process, should questions arise please contact the TRHS special education department.   

Special Education Department Contacts 

Department Chairs

Mariclar Hall -

Hannah Gaul (Mild/Mod) -

IEP and Assessment Specialists

Emily Cackett -

Learning Specialists

Hannah Gaul (Mild/Mod) -

Karen Clark (Mild/Mod) -

Mariclar Hall (Mild/Mod) -

Nichole VandeVusse (Mild/Mod) -

Randy Stewart (Mild/Mod) -

Center Based Programming

Brianna Scott (AN) -

Ashley Ives (SSN) -

Samantha Wheatley (SSN) -

Mental Health 

Chris Hannaford -

James Tropper-

Stephanie Guyer -


Pam Lackey -

Sarah Miller -

Intervention Specialist

Jessica McCague -