Northridge Elementary School Library

established 1982

Mary Peck- Librarian    


8:15 AM - 3:30 PM


to Shelve books!

Library (donation) Wish List 

 (under construction) 


See below for SORA sign on instructions

Join us at the end of year, BOGO Scholastic Book Fair.  


during the NRE School Family Picnic :)

Dates: Oct 2-6


Monday TBD, 

Tuesday-Thursday TBD 

Friday TBD

BookFair information page: 

FALL 2023 Scholastic Book Fair!!    

Coming October 2-6

Book Trailers!  Check out what is new this year!    

Volunteers Needed! (TBD) 

Please consider signing up to help out at the Book Fair!!

Teams start in November

If your student is interested in trying out for Battle of the Books, please have them read the following books over Fall Break.  (These are just two out of 10 books they will be competing with.) They can read and re-read them as much as they would like.  There will be a very detailed test following  Fall Break to see if they make it into the club and competitions.  I can only have 7 per team, so this will sort out who will be allowed to join the club.

FYI- I have very limited copies of these books in the NRE library, so I would ask that you check the public library, ask friends, or purchase your own copies. 


3/4th grade will read:  Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume & Midnight at the Barclay Hotel by Fleur Bradley

5/6th grade will read: Alone by Megan Freeman & Wink by Rob Harrell

Try/Outs Test Dates:

3/4th grade will be: Tuesday Oct 24th at 3:45 in the Library

5/6th grade will be: Tuesday Oct 24th at 3:45 in the Library


To read E-Books, use audio books, here is how you can get into the NRE Digital Library and place holds:  

Destiny System:

Click on Northridge and

use your Unviersal Sign In/password

If you would like to read/listen to  some books for fun, also try out the Douglas County Library SORA app! You can check it out on a computer, tablet, or phone.  See the instructions below to get started!

Sign On Information:

You will use your universal sign on to get access. 

The Universal sign on is usually:

LASTNAME, 1st & 2nd initial

and your password is : Dcsd and your School Lunch Number

For Example, Mary Peck would be PECKML and Dcsd123456

I will also be available to provide Grades K-3 with your User name and password if it doesn’t work as our instructions say. (The older grades use their universal sign on’s often so they should know them)  There are times when the user name will have a number associated with it.

My email address is: 

I will be checking my emails often to answer any questions!

BOTB Grades 3 & 4

BOTB Grades 3 & 4

BOTB Grades 5 & 6

BOTB Grades 5 & 6

Check out my YouTube page for Read-A-Loud Library Time!!  


Destiny Library Catalog . (takes you to the NRE catalog)

Use your Single Sign on to access E-books, Audio Books and more!

You can put books on HOLD!!


NRE Libary catalog . (takes you to the NRE catalog)

Click on Northridge

Catalog will open/student can search for a book to put on hold.  

There are also EBooks, Interactive, and Audio books available.

Once you find a book , look for the Log In icon on the top right side of the screen.  Sign in.

If you sign in under the Google Username and Password

Use your Universal Sign on/password if signing on with Google

ex)  and Dcsd12345

If you sign in under the Follet User name and password

Use the first part of your email (before the @) and Universal Password (Dcsdlunchnumber) 

 ex) mpeck  and password Dcsd12345

After you are signed in, you will see a HOLD or RESERVE button.  

Hold means it is currently checked out and 

RESERVE means it is IN the library and ready for me to pull.

Check out my Google Classroom to ask any questions or just to say HI!

Tell me what you are reading right now!

Class Code: ld2xzoz

The Highlands Rach Digital Library is Always Open

NRE Library

My Virtual Library

Check it out but remember 

this is a work in progress.  

Stay tuned! :)

Book FAIR Classroom Donations/EWallets:  I always get asked about donating books to your student's classroom.  For those that would like to donate, you can either grab a book from the teacher bins located on the shelves at the book fair, or you can ask your teacher if they have set up an ewallet and you can donate to your classroom with an amount you choose. At the end of the week, your teacher will shop with the balance.   E-Wallet info video 

Book Fair Student Wish Lists:  This Friday and the following Monday, all the students will have an opportunity to have a preview of the book fair where they can make a Wish List.  This way you can see what they like and talk to them about a budget or if you will be participating in the book fair at all.  Great way to get ideas for the holidays!  Wish List  

NRE and DCL Summer 2023 Reading Program!

DCL Summer Reading Program 

Thank you for participating!

We came in 2nd place!!

*remember to bring in your Reading LOG  at the start of school and receive a prize from Mrs. Peck!!