National English Honor Society

Purpose of NEHS at Mountain Vista High School

The National English Honor Society recognizes the academic accomplishments of America’s high school students and promotes their continuing interest in the English Language Arts.

NEHS is the only high school honor society exclusively for English students. As such, it provides a unique opportunity to engage students, teachers, and local schools in the valuable experience of discipline-related national honor society participation.

Membership is an honor given to students selected for their accomplishments in the discipline of English and overall academic achievement at Mountain Vista High School. NEHS is a national organization for students who have experienced the power of literature, the pleasures of good writing, and the excitement of language studies. For these students, the MVHS NEHS provides:

 Inaugural Year: 2024-2025

Membership Information

 Membership requirements 

- 3.0 unweighted overall GPA

- 3.5 unweighted GPA in English courses

-Validated attendance to at least three of four quarterly meetings

-Annual dues of $35 for NEHS membership (fee waivers will be available upon request)

- In good standing as a student of Mountain Vista High School as defined by the advisors and the administration

- Submit two recommendations from teachers at Mountain Vista (one must be a current English teacher)

-Completion of a minimum of 4 semesters of high school (Juniors and Seniors only)

Application for 2024-2025

Application Deadline: April 22nd by 7:00 PM 

To submit the application for NEHS, please complete the Application Google Form. Only rising juniors and seniors can apply. In addition to the applications, you must submit provide:

Application for NEHS 2024-2025

NEHS Teacher Recommendation Form

Applicants will be notified in May of their status. Accepted applicants will participate in  a Fall 2024 induction.